Since February 24, 2022, Russian enterprises have been functioning in fundamentally new conditions.
The strategic, manufacturing and marketing inputs have become different,
many aspects of operations, HR and communications management have changed.

Transition Bureau is the research project, started by Marina Korsakova -
management expert, Ph.D., lecturer of the MBA program.

The main idea (1) and goal (2) of the project:

(1) transitional periods are always more informative than stable ones;
formal and decorative stuff falls off the leaders and their organizations under economic and social stress,
so we can see what they really believe in/what the knowledge and skills they do possess;

(2) having deeply studied the events of the transitional period,
we will get much more clear understanding of achievements (or failures) of Russian enterprises since 1992 till 2022.
This is the knowledge, helping us to make our best for management development.

This experience is important for Russia - this experience is important for all countries realizing their potential in business of the 21st century.

Our library
You can read the materials online or download pdf
Internal crisis communications in Russian companies in February 2022
Here is Russian: pdf.
And here is English: pdf.
Movement of leaders’ social capital in Russian companies in March 2022
Here is Russian: pdf.
And here is English: pdf.
...Coming soon!

...We will find out something interesting,
that's for sure!

Why "bull and bird"?

Because we believe in the dual, synthetic nature of successful business management. On the one side, it is based on "classical" knowledge, such as marginal utility law or Taylor's labor geometry or Michael Porter's three kinds of strategy or Bogdanov's Tectology...

...On the other hand, the modern company is open and flexible.

It uses existing business practices, but also re-invents them.

It breaks patterns, discovers and innovates, and it is ready for the sudden difficulties.

The "bird" is no more important than the "bull",

but the "bull" is no more important than the "bird"!

How can they survive and move on? Only together.

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